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What skill does the nursing of daily hairpiece need?

1.put into the packing
If not wearing wigs for a period of time or not wearing, it is necessary to put away the wig, do not be exposed to the air, easy to dust or messy, so should be put the wig in the original use of wigs, or received in plastic bags.

2. Wash your wigs
If often wear a wig, the proposal is washed once a week, and when cleaning to pay special attention to wigs can not be washed with hot water, will destroy the quality of wigs, and can not long soak in the water, after cleaning air in the ventilated place automatically dry.

3.The conditioner keeps it bright and lubricated
When cleaning hairpiece must not rub with hand, see hairpiece knot also do not want to pull to pull, should use protect hair element, smooth gently, and use protect hair element hairpiece to return meeting bright beautiful, be like just bought.

4.Straighten out the wig
Take off hairpiece at ordinary times should use that kind of sparse comb to straighten hairpiece gently, clean dust.
Choose a sparser comb. In order to prevent a dense comb from breaking a wig easily, a special comb for wigs can also be used.If you have curly hair, you must not use a comb to manage curly hair. Finally, just use your hands to gently manage it. Use a comb to treat the curl.

5.Care for wigs with non-oily lotion
Wig used for a long time did not just start to buy so black bright beautiful, in fact every day before wearing a wig with non-oily maintain fluid on the wig spray a few times, wig can not only prevent static electricity, and restore the original appearance, lubrication has a model.

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